Friday, May 13, 2011

About Ewoks and Springtime in Ottawa

Finally! The sun is out, the ground is thawing and I really think Spring is here. A sure sign? Fiddleheads arrived in our CSA box last week. It was so nice to see the fiddleheads because they were truly something new for all of us. Although I had eaten them before I had never cooked them. Best way is to boil them until bright green then strain and drop in a bowl of ice cold water. I sauteed them with garlic butter for a few minutes and they were ready to eat. 

Question is: How would I get my boys to eat them? If you've never had fiddleheads, they taste like asparagus but they have a chewy texture. Two strikes against the fiddlehead for "who wants to try some?" Fiddleheads are the furled frong of a young fern and are only available for a few short weeks at the beginning of May. They look like violin curls. You know what other curls they look like? That's right... Princess Leia's curls!! Oh! when I made that remark the boys were so curious. I told them we were eating Princess Leia curls for dinner and they bought it. Well the older two did anyway, my little Flip just throws all green veg on the floor. My Mac then asked where they came from and on the spot somehow I came up with: "they grow in the Ewok forest". Yup. They bought it :) My oldest had TWO servings!!

May the fourth be with you ;)

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