Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter bounty

OH! You know that nagging feeling of wanting to do something and never getting around to it? Well... Go! Go now! Go do it! Ok, well finish reading my post first, then go ;) In my last post I wrote about blueberry guilt. All week long whenever I opened the fridge, there they were, staring at me. Creepy foreign blue fruit. 

I signed on with a CSA farm that same week and a week and a half later I received my first delivery. It's so easy! I pay online and put my cooler on my doorstep. I leave a blanket in the cooler for a bit of insulation. They deliver right to my door!! When I got home this week, it was like Christmas!!! My oldest son (JJ, he's 7) helped me carry the cooler to the kitchen and we unpacked it together. 

It was full of surprises!! Mushrooms, garlic, heirloom potatoes, lettuce, micro greens, carrots, parsnip (new kind of carrot, as JJ put it), chard, celery, onions, sweet potato... I must be forgetting something. 

Oh yes! broccoli and cauliflower! Notice the bright red bell pepper right in the middle there? We filled half the table with tons of produce. Tons of local produce and celared roots. My kitchen table was so bright! JJ even asked me if we could make a salad for dinner!! Um? Yeah!!
Check out the inside of these gorgeous heirloom potatoes. Wish I knew what they were called!
 I'm thinking that my menu planning for the coming week might be a bit easier with a fridge full of vegetables. I'm already looking forward to my next delivery, and the next one, and the next one after that...


  1. It looks so good!!! And good for you too! And if you have JJ on side the others will just follow along!!! I envy you having the option!!

  2. What?? You get all this in winter?? That's fantastic. We had a CSA share last summer, and in the fall it sure was hard to go back to scraping wax off of seriously oversized peppers from the store.

  3. They have greenhouses throughout the winter and cold storage. Pretty lucky so far, next delivery tomorrow!