Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping trip down memory lane

I had a little *wow* moment last night in the grocery store about a secondary benefit to reusable grocery bags. At the check out with my 7 year old ~ he's always eager to help out ~ he told the cashier that she could use this bright green mesh bag for the groceries. She told him it was a pretty cool looking bag and he said that it was a bag we got when we went apple picking in September. I was so surprised and thought it was really neat that he had a memory associated to this bag. But of course he would right? I mean it was given to him as part of the outing and he had such a great time. A plastic bag would have long been sent to the landfill by now, even if it had been reused a couple times. It really got me thinking about the true meaning of sustainability and value of reuse. It's not just about keeping things out of the landfill, it's about wanting and loving the things that you have.

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