Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet the meat

A full month has gone by since I started back to work and I must admit, I do miss the luxury hopping in the car at any time of day to get those local groceries. It takes a lot of planning to make it to a weeknight Farmers' Market. October is in full swing and in a few weeks, those Farmers' Markets will close for the winter. 

Last Sunday was a very lovely Fall day and I asked the boys if they wanted to come with Mommy for a drive. They said yes, they were so excited. We got in the car and made our way to the Rock-N-Horse Farm (of course, I called in advance to make sure we could stop in). The boys wanted to know where we were going: Saunders Farm? The cottage? We get to Carleton Place and they think we're going to Walmart for toys. I must've told them 20 times that we were going to a farm to buy meat but that was just too real of an answer for them to believe. 

The scenery is gorgeous and the farm is lovely. The owners are so kind and so patient! My boys (especially the oldest) are very curious about everything. Where are your tractors? Your horses are your tractors? Where are all the people? Why do you have one cow? You have more cows? Why are the pigs eating potatoes? Why do you close the fence? Do the sheep go in the barn every night? Can I have a snack?

We got to visit the pigs, the chickens, the turkeys (which were going to slaughter the next day), the sheep and the horses. The boys were fixated on the tire-swing hanging from a giant tree. After an hour visit, tons of fresh air and a new appreciation for where our meat comes from, we left with a trunk full of pork. I was sure to stock up on bacon and the most amazing sausages (try Oktoberfest ~ truly yum!)

Visit for details about the farm.

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