Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two week whirlwind!

Back to the work routine now for the past two weeks and I can honestly say, I am exhausted. I actually passed out on the couch after dinner tonight because my legs were throbbing from running around all day and standing in the kitchen getting food ready for the week. I felt like my grandpa dozing off like that!

Today I took the boys strawberry picking. In September you might ask? Well yes! They are in season and pick your own is so fun! While everyone was out picking apples ~ cause that's what we do in September, right? ~ we were alone in the field and had our pick of the finest and reddest and warmest berries. My oldest asked me why we were going to freeze these berries for the winter because the grocery store has berries year-round, so I explained about how they have to come from Mexico or even further because nothing grows under the snow. I explained that they're picked when they're not quite ready and they get on a plane and then on a truck and then to the store where they sit cause we don't buy them, we'll have some in the freezer ;)

These past two weeks have been a time crunch challenge. Up at 5, out the door by 6:30. Full day at the office, full day at home, in bed early and up again the next day. September is such a busy month and there's always some kind of party on the weekends, like a birthday or a wedding, but it's also such a fantastic month for harvest. At the farm today I thought to myself how lucky I would be if I actually loved beets because there was an entire shelf of reds and oranges and yellows and purples. I did manage to bring home a small bushel of leeks though - also for the freezer - cause this year I am learning all about kitchen shortcuts and freezer meals. I've managed to make it to the Farmer's Market once and the Farm three times in addition to my regular grocery store run. The boys think it's cool that we can get our produce from somewhere other than the grocery store and I think so too ;)

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